Lakes (Single Lake) in Madagascar

View a list of Lakes (Single Lake) in Madagascar below. You can select any Lake as the center of the map and zoom out to view a larger scale map of Lakes (Single Lake) in Madagascar. The list of Lakes (Single Lake) below includes not only major Lakes (Single Lake) in Madagascar, but rather all the important Lakes (Single Lake) in Madagascar as well as the less known ones. Map of Madagascar Lakes (Single Lake) is an online free printable map powered by Google Maps. Just click any Lake below to see a full Google earth 3D Map and Google terrain Map of the Lake area.

Definitaion of Lakes (Single Lake): a large inland body of standing water.

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Lac Voronkontsy, Lac Vorompotsy, Voaraty, Farihy Mangitana, Lac Mangitana, Lac Mangily, Matsaborin' Laparoy, Farihy Lanirano, Lac Lamraro, Lac Lanirano, Lac Limpomamy, Lac Linarano, Lac Irangy, Lac Bonga, Lac Bokarano, Lac Bofo, Lac Tsararavina, Farihy Saronanala, Lac Saronanala, Farihy Sahambavy, Farihy Marokombo, Lac Marokombo, Farihy Inosy, Lac Inosy, Farihin' Imongy, Lac d' Imongy, Farihy Besisika, Lac Besisika, Farihy Varanta, Lac Varenta, Lac Tampolo, Farihy Tampolo, Lac Itampolo, Farihy Tampolo, Saririaky, Farihy Saririaka, Lac Saririaka, Lac Sarida, Lac Sariaka, Farihy Sariaka, Lake Sariaka, Farihy Sariaka, Farihy Morongara, Lac Morongary, Lac Mena, Lac Mangarika, Farihy Mangarika, Lac Mangarahara-Abo, Lac Mangarahara, Lac Mamono, Matsaborin' Fenoarivo, Lac Biankoay, Lac Tsombo, Lac Tsivalaka, Sahalakontaka, Lac Sahaka, Farihy Sahaka, Farihy Mavo, Farihy Marohatay, Lac Andriamby, Lac Marohatay, Lac Namonty, Marohambanja, Lac Mangabe, Mangabe, Lac Mamelola, Farihy Maliolio, Lake Maliolio, Farihy Mahampy, Farihy Komadio, Lac Komandio, Lac Vangoana, Lac Vangoaka, Farihy Takanivona, Lac Takanivom, Lac Tahontsy, Lake Samy, Matsitsihena, Farihy Matsiabe, Farihy Matsaritsarika, Lac Matsaritsarika, Matsabory Iraronabe, Matsaboro-Iraronabe, Lac Matsabory, Farihy Matsaborinibetra, Lac Matsaborinibetra, Lac Matsaborimadio, Farihy Matsaborimadio, Lac Matsaborimadio, Matsaborilava, Lac Matsaborilava, Matsaboribe Ambatafo, Lac Matsaboribe-Ambatafo, Lac Matsaboribe, Farihy Matsaboribe, Lac Matsaboribe, Farihy Mandrozo, Lac Mandrojo, Lac Mandrozo, Lac Mandrozoa

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